DANGER: pregnancy hormones at work

written: 12.23.13

I’ve always heard women tell me how they were just an emotional mess during their pregnancies and I remember thinking it can’t be that different from the mood swings from our monthly cycle! Holy moly was I wrong!!!

My mood changes not just on a weekly or daily basis but hourly sometimes. I can see a sad commercial on TV and just burst into tears. Something can go wrong at work and I’m crying because everything is being ruined. My husband can look at me the wrong way and I could punch him in the face. These are just a few of the situations I have found myself in recently. 

I’ve never been an overly emotional person so I am surprised at how much I have become an emotional roller coaster during my pregnancy. 

My black lab Kona turned 5 years old today and I just cuddled in bed with her and cried because I don’t want her to get old and eventually pass away. She has been my ‘child’ for the last 5 years and I cannot imagine my life without her. I ended up laughing at myself (as I typically do when I’m in one of my mood swings)… so here I was lying in bed crying and laughing all at the same time! Whoa buddy I still have 5 more months! God help me! 

The other emotional part aside from mood swings is now I’m starting to show. I’m not ready to buy maternity clothes or for my body to change so much! YIKES!!! guess I can’t stop this train so I better hop on and prepare for the rest of this journey!I just hope I can get back on my workout routine as soon as possible and return to where I was (or better yet… even better than what I was before). 

We’re looking forward to finding out what we are having on January 8th. I’m sure that will be my next post. 

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