–June 7th 2014–

written 11.28.13

Finding out I was pregnant was the biggest shock of my life.

Actually the fact that I was so shocked by the news even surprises me because we had tried for so long and for a good year that’s all I thought about. I would have thought I would be over the moon excited about being pregnant but fear was all I remember feeling. Seeing those two blue lines probably shocks just about everyone no matter if you’ve been trying or not…let’s face it, those two lines change EVERYTHING the minute they appear.

I didn’t expect to be pregnant, especially since I had just started my new job about a month and a half before; so it definitely wasn’t in the plans. My husband was even fishing when I decided to take the test because I was certain it would be negative (if you know my husband than this fact doesn’t shock you; hell I think he will be fishing when I go into labor). I have taken probably 30 test before and always saw 1 line or ‘not pregnant’ so why would this time be any different. I didn’t have any major symptoms I simply just couldn’t remember when my last cycle was so I figured rather be safe than sorry, right? I was working out really hard and taking supplements and playing around with my diet. That decision of checking turned out to be a good one since it was positive. 🙂

As soon as I saw the lines I cried. I was in pure shock. I have never felt shock like this before. I called my husband to tell him the news; he was thrilled! I called my mom and told her; she actually got a little teary from being so excited. I remember getting off the phone and sitting on the couch and just stared out the window; no sounds, nothing. My dogs just sat in front of me staring at me. I remember thinking and asking myself ‘how was my body going to change?’ ‘How would work handle the news?’ ‘Would everything be okay with the pregnancy and baby?’ ‘Was CJ and I really ready for this?’ ‘What about insurance (because I didn’t have any)?’ “oh my gosh, am I going to start throwing up?

At this time, I had to be just over 4 weeks along.

When I came to and digested the news as much as I could so like anyone else that finds out they are pregnant I knew I needed to call my doctor. Um problem: I had to make sure I could get on my husband’s insurance before proceeding so I frantically got that all taken care of.

Doctor appointment was scheduled for November 9th @ 8:00am. Waiting for November 9th was torture…days seemed like weeks and weeks like months. We only told our immediate family and only very close friends of ours and pretty much swore them to secrecy. Not telling people wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be; UM probably because I was just coming to terms with what was going on. The hardest part was feeling so incredibly nauseous ALL DAY LONG and not letting anyone know I was feeling so poorly.

November 9th finally arrived! My husband and I went to the doctor bright and early. We did the ultrasound first and holy moly hearing the heartbeat was incredible! This sound was coming from inside me… WEIRD! It became a little more real for me after that. The doctor said everything so far was perfect and I was spot on with my dates as I was in my 10th week at that appointment. My due date will be around June 7th 2014 (this is 3 days after our wedding anniversary)! We got the pictures from the ultrasound and that was my baby’s first picture!

My husband and I finally decided it was ‘safe’ to tell work and then once I informed work then we would make it facebook official for all to know; because let’s face it you’re not really in a relationship, married, pregnant if it isn’t on facebook! (How dumb right!?!) That was the first time this pregnancy was fun for me. I’m still terrified of whats to come but at least we are getting to the more fun parts!

My next appointment is Dec. 9th which will be pretty basic and then in 4 weeks from then we should be able to see if we are having a boy or girl!

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