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written: 8.21.14


Let me start of by saying I love my new life. With that said I’m starting to figure out how hard this stay at home mommy thing is. 

The hardest thing for me to adjust to is losing my quiet time where I can truly relax and rejuvenate my mind. I didn’t think this was all that important at first because I had all the day to day things down. I also couldn’t bear being away from Carolina for any extended time. What I’m learning is that if I can step back and reflect and relax I could be an even better mom. One thing I can do is once a week escape somewhere just for a couple hours. The key will be not to spend money excessively because let’s face it I don’t have an income but I could be happy just sitting at Barnes and Noble to read a book or start to write more. Maybe find a coffee shop and do the same. Definitely something to give some thought. 

Another thing that I’m struggling with is my husband spending so much time outside of the home and not getting enough quality time with Carolina. Currently when he gets home she is extra cranky for an hour or more. Its been this way for several weeks now  I hate that because he doesn’t have the ability to see her laugh and talk and play like I do during the day. Also with me taking care of the home I’m noticing that he may be taking advantage of that a little bit. I’m not asking him to clean the house or laundry but it seems when Carolina needs to be fed or a diaper change it’s all of a sudden “mommy time”.  By taking some time away from the house I can give him that time with her to find that bond he had with her when she was first born.

Another highlight would be I would be able to write a full blog entry before my baby woke up. Time to go return to the best part of my day, hanging with my daughter!

I read a quote recently that read “the greatest work you do will be within the walls of your own home.” I believe that. I also think that work is the hardest of all. 

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