when a pain isn’t just a pain….

written: 12.5.13

No one tells you the bad parts of pregnancy! Why is that???

I know plenty of women who have been pregnant and I’ve heard everything from “oh I felt the best when pregnant” “it’s such a blessing”  so on and so on.

Now I’m not debating the second phrase as this is all a blessing and a miracle! But…

What about the possibility of nausea ALL DAY LONG?
What about feeling like I’ve climb a mountain by the end of the day when I did seemingly nothing?
What about how walking at the pace of a turtle makes your boobs feel like someone is sawing them off?
What about feeling so bloated that I’m going to explode? What about the gas pains and constipation?
(oh please as soon as you get pregnant any modesty goes out the window!!) 

This stuff is not fun! It sucks! Did all these other pregnant women forget these things… am I just cursed with bad luck???

From about week 6 through now I’ve dealt with the revolving door of crap symptoms. I mean I guess I could look on the bright side and think about how these are all signs that my pregnancy is going as it should but goodness sometimes I’m ready for June to be here and I can return to my normal self. Well my new normal self! Then again, I don’t know what I’m more worried about my next symptom and keeping my little bug snug in my womb or what happens when he/she arrives and joins this world and the REAL job begins.

I will admit while I always wanted to be a mother and have a family someday I never really looked forward to being pregnant. Surrogacy sounds like a dream right now; haha! I know, I know… how can I feel that way?Judge me if you will; but at least I’m honest. With all that said I’m also very happy to become a mother and to see my husband become a father. It’s amazing how the two of us created a whole new human being (even if it feels like an alien is inside me right now).

Yesterday, I had such a pain develop on my left side. I immediately knew what it was. It’s want guys do all the time, laugh and joke about it; yet as females we do not do that ever… our bodies don’t do it that kind of thing. 🙂 Well news flash boys…. when you are pregnant it happens and boy do the pains hurt!! Attractive huh?

Well after 16 hours of this pain increasing and nothing happening to relieve it (you get the picture) and only getting 2.5 hours of sleep (not consecutively) I called my doctor to see what if anything I could take to relieve this. The nurse said I should be seen today and then I made a dr appt for 10:45a at Parkview North campus.

Okay, when someone tells you that you need to be seen and not really why that’s concerning!

When you are pregnant everyday pains you have had time and time again are different. A million questions and concerns come to mind. I guess this is just preparing us for what’s to come when all you worry about is your child.

After having difficulty finding the baby’s heart beat the NP sent me to the ultrasound room and there it was loud and clear. Everything turned out fine.

The upside was that I got to see our little bug today. it looked like a baby with arms and legs, the flutter of the heart on the screen. I think our little bug already has his dad’s personality because she/he wanted to be the star of the show as he was just a wiggling around. What a sight to see. I sooo wish my husband could have been there. Oh, I forgot to mention he was away for work during all of this… fantastic timing right?!

Since everything is fine I guess its time to start researching day cares… oh boy where to start? Google here I come!

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