Precious moments and memories

Today my sweet Carolina is 3 months old! Oh my goodness where does the time go? I never had time fly by so much until I was on a two feed schedule which is now a 3-4 hour feed schedule. The last 13 weeks has just been a joy. Yes, there have been many many sleepless nights and evenings of just screaming and screaming but even the toughest days have been better than any day before her.

I started taking pictures each month to show her changes and growth; and wow how she has changed in just 3 months! I also add text to the pictures to highlight milestones during her development! After her 12 month picture I’m not sure what I will do with the pictures but I’ll do something (Suggestions are welcomed). I’ve attached the photos for the past 3 months!

I also write her letters for major milestones and each month to share my thoughts and feelings with her. I wrote about family members she’s met. I will give the letters to her one day when she is older. I hope she will appreciate the memories and knowing more about her mother.

Today has been such a beautiful day! Happy 3 months baby girl mommy loves you to the moon and back.




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