Eat.. Sleep… Wake. Easy right?!?

At first thought you would think getting on a schedule to eat, sleep, and be awake wouldn’t be so complicated….. New mommy reality moment IT IS DIFFICULT!! I must admit little miss Carolina has always had a seemingly good understanding of daytime and nighttime. With that said for the first 6-8 weeks she was ready to feed every 2-3 but I started early on that for nighttime feedings past 9pm it was quiet time; no talking, playing, lights, loud noises. Eat then right back to sleep. I think this helped a lot. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue breastfeeding which is still something I’m very upset about (and could be a whole entry in itself); but on the bright side of formula feeding once we switched to formula we started seeing her go 3 hours between feedings and now were close to 4 hour feedings.

One thing that has been extremely challenging is our daily schedule with naps and so forth. I’ve read books and articles about EWS cycles for babies what’s recommended and what’s not so I feel I have a lot of information in my head. I have taken all the information in with the belief I would use it more as a guideline and I would mainly use Carolina’s cues to help develop her schedule. I’m that crazy mom who has logged everyday since she had been born her feeding and sleeping schedule. This has been very helpful because as all new moms can relate I was a delirious, happy zombie for the first several weeks so I would have forgotten what I did a few hours ago let alone the previous days.

The time of day that is the hardest for us is between 4p-9p she is often cranky for a least two hours, her ‘witching hour’. We get through it knowing that someday this will pass She fights going down for a nap around 430 and I know she’s tired. Gladly it’s starting to work out as I’m starting to adjust her schedule to be ready for bed around 9pm instead of 10pm.

I’ve tried dream feeds, cluster feeding and both have their benefits and downfalls. It didn’t change Carolina’s sleeping schedule enough to continue it. Our pediatrician suggested that we give her her last feeding of the day between 10-11pm and this worked for the first two months and she started sleeping from 1030p-3a (this was amazing to sleep 4 hours in a row after 9weeks of not sleeping more than 3 hours at any one time. Over the last month she falls asleep between 9-930pm so I haven’t been feeding her that last feeding and she’s been sleeping from 9pm to somewhere between 3-5am (imagine my happiness about this). So even though her nighttime schedule is really good that time from 4p-8p is still crazy and a little chaotic and I think it’s because she gets overly tired.

Listed below is the schedule we have been on over the past 7-10 days and it’s helped minimize some of that ‘witching hour’.

(The times may be within 30-45minutes from time listed… Like I mentioned I read her cues but it’s pretty consistent):

7:00 (up till 7:30): awake for the day, dress, change diaper, eat.
{After breakfast: either do her tummy time (at least 10 min per awake time so three times a day)}
9:00: down for nap (Often it’s closer to 8:45)
11:00: wake up, Change her diaper, eat.
{After feeding: do the same routine of independent playtime and tummy time.
1:00: down for nap!
3:00: wake up, change diaper, eat
{After feeding: her tummy time and playtime.}
5:00: down for nap.
7:00: wake up, change diaper, eat, play time
9:00: eat then bed
Rest of night: It’s my hubby and my time!! Of course this means I’m asleep by 930.

What may end up happening is her 5pm nap may only be an hour and then she’ll be put to bed around 8-830.

This is how my days go everyday. It’s like groundhogs day every day but boy oh boy I love my little girl so I will be here with a smile on my face whether we are on a schedule that works or up every hour with her. I’m here for her.. When she wakes up I’m here, when she’s hungry I’m here; and there is no where on earth I’d rather be. As I think about it since I found out I was pregnant on Sept 30th last year I haven’t been away from her for more than an hour.

Better get to bed I may be needed soon!

3 thoughts on “Eat.. Sleep… Wake. Easy right?!?”

  1. Enjoy each moment–even the sleepless ones. 😉 They go by so quickly. And if it makes you feel any better: I do not even have my three year old on any great schedule yet! 🙂


    1. 🙂 we’ll be on a schedule then she’ll change her feeding schedule or get into a growth spurt! Oh and I do enjoy every single second. I can cry just thinking about how much I love that little girl!! Never thought I’d want more children after being pregnant but I’d do it a hundred times to feel this love. 🙂


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