Thank goodness for naps!!!

AAHHHH naptime for daughter and husband! (sigh of relief). Well today didn’t turn out to be the day I thought it would be or wanted it to be. Kinda bummed; actually very bummed. On the upside my Indianapolis colts won today against a team I do no like!!! That alone can make a bad day great so I can’t complain! **(side note:) If you should know one thing about me is that I love love love football. High school, college, pro I don’t care its football and to me that makes life worth it. My husband makes fun of me because I can watch all day saturday and all day sunday. He isn’t a big fan of football so if he is home he usually tries to nap or goes to bed early if its a night game. I say he tries to because I’m usually screaming at the officials for missed and bad calls. I have to be careful now because I don’t want to wake up the baby who naps at 1p and 4p and no I didn’t plan those nap times around the start of football games I wish I was that clever. Of all teams I’m a huge colts fan have been since my family moved to Indiana back in 1996. I remember thinking it was so cool to live in a city that had a professional sports team. I moved from South Carolina; and man what I wold give now to live in a state with a beach. Grass is always greener on the other side, right?!?! I also grew up in a household where it was Ohio State Buckeyes as the team of choice. My degree came from Purdue so I always say I’m a buckeye by blood and a boilermaker by choice (except this year the boilermakers aren’t making me very proud). I also have a soft spot in my heart for Clemson as that would have been my school of choice if I stated in South Carolina. I may be the only person in Indiana or even this part of the united states that has a Clemson jersey! I wear it proudly!!!

Anyways, that wasn’t the point of my writing today and I could go on and on about football but I’ll spare you. I was going to write about a lot of things that have been going on but all I can think about today is this migraine. stupid stupid migraine. I was really hoping to have a great day with my husband and daughter since we finally got a weekend together with no plans! Low and behold I woke up with a migraine. UGH!! I’ve battled this thing all day. I’ve counted down the minutes until it was time for my daughter to go down for her nap because then I don’t have to try to entertain anyone for an hour or two; I can just sit back and close my eyes. I have been fortunate so far that I haven’t gotten sick or felt bad since my daughter has been born and I hope I can stay healthy because after just today its hard to feel bad and take care of your child who needs you to be your A game no matter what. I am thankful my husband has helped out a lot today. There is a festival that is going on at a farm down to street from my house that I wanted to go to. I think we may have next weekend so I hope the weather cooperates and I feel better!

3 thoughts on “Thank goodness for naps!!!”

  1. Oh man! I feel you on the migraines! They run in my family and I’ve battled with really bad ones all throughout middle school and high school. Luckily for me, when I made a bunch of lifestyle changes in college they seemed to get a lot better and I got them a lot less. My last pregnancy I was also lucky to not have any major pregnancy symptoms! Unfortunately, this time around I’ve got em all! Morning sickness, fatigue, MIGRAINES! Hang in there!! I hope you feel better soon!


      1. I know what you mean! My doctor’s started offering me meds at the beginning of this pregnancy but I refused. I started making sure I was drinking water ALL DAY and it really helped! Sometimes a nap helps too. =]


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