Time Machine?!?! Please

Tonight while putting my daughter to bed tears filled my eyes. This wasn’t the first time and I know out won’t be the last.

An old co worker of mine is in labor and it brings me back to May 27th. I miss that day everyday and would go back to that day in a heart beat. In the same breath I adore the little girl my daughter is becoming.

I have a hard time believing that she will become a toddler, pre teen, teenager (Lord help me with this one), and an adult. I can’t imagine not having a baby in my arms. Will I be the next 19 and counting mom…. Highly doubtful but I get why she had so many babies lol.

All of these thoughts and feelings flooded my head while rocking her and couldn’t help but feel tremendous love and happiness yet just a touch of sadness because as I lay her down to sleep at night I know this day will never happen again. This fact breaks my heart. I never knew I could feel so many different emotions at the same time as I have some becoming a mom.

And boy oh boy the days fly by. Why it’s that? Right when I want every day the last forever they fly by….

I hope my old co worker has a smooth delivery and her and her daughter are healthy. Thoughts and prayers to her. I shared with her…It’s definitely an adventure and welcome to the best days of your life. You’ve never known happiness, fear, and love like you will when you see her!!

Good night world and goodbye October 15th 2014. It’s been a wonderful day and I know tomorrow will be filled with so much happiness and love.


2 thoughts on “Time Machine?!?! Please”

  1. From the day our daughter was born, my husband and I made it a point to never say “I can’t wait for when she can….”. I explained to him how so many parents always say that they miss when their children were babies, and how I didn’t want to take a single day for granted. And in all honesty, that’s what got me through any sleepless nights, poopie explosions at 1 am, emotional rollercoaster etc. I knew after the first week (I remember telling my husband, “Can you believe it was already seven days since she’s been out of my belly?!”) that all of these precious moments were going to pass me by before I even had a chance to really take it all in! It’s what really motivated me to get back into blogging.

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your friend and her beautiful growing family!


    1. I have tried to take in each day and moments because I know these days don’t last. As exhausted as I have been, or how frustrating it is when a baby just screams and screams I honestly don’t mind it. I’ve always said our hardest day with her is still infinitely better than any day before her.

      Everything turned out wonderful for friend. Her daughter is beautiful

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