Daughter=1 Mommy=0

Ok well that title is probably a little inaccurate. It’s probably more like daughter=100 Mommy=who knows.

Tonight was my first night back to the gym in (well way to long to say) and boy it takes a lot more planning with a baby and a husband that basically had no regular work schedule (i don’t try to understand what he does… All I know is he is a very intelligent and hard working man).

I used to do weight training mixed with running 6-7 days a week. I was pretty hard core about it and I LOVED it. I did everything myself from developing workouts to keying into the right supplement routine. All I ever did was research and use trial and error. Gotta love Google… Can I get an Amen!!! I was at the gym by 530am basically every day for a year. I was losing about about 3-4 lbs a month. I felt on top of the world during this time.

All of this was a way to escape a miserable work environment, I mean miserable. There wasn’t one good thing about that place. After dealing with so much crap for (well way to long) I had to make a change.

Soon into my pregnancy I was experiencing so much fatigued (i swear I was narcoleptic) and also I had started a new job so I was focusing on that. I started going to the gym less and less.

After my daughter was born (via c section so I wasn’t cleared for 6 weeks) as I have mentioned in other posts I decided to stay home. So I sold my beloved jeep wrangler (oh how I miss that thing….not enough though to return to work) and I basically quit spending money (spending money now makes me sweat) so I never renewed my gym membership. I longed to return though.

My amazing husband asked the other day if there was anything I missed and I think I said THE GYM before he finished his sentence. Last night we went and renewed my membership. Love him!!!!

All day today I worked to get everything done. Well…. My daughter had other plans!! Ugh she fought them and when she did get to sleep and I get started doing something she’d wake up screaming. My plan was to be at the gym by 600 so that I could be home before I started my daughter’s nightly routine (730) because, well I’m not ready to miss that. I ended up not leaving the house until 635.

Daughter=1 mommy=0.

I could dwell on everything that didn’t go according to my plans but instead I see that I got to spend a little extra time with my daughter and I followed through and made it to the gym. 45 minutes is better than 0 minutes right?!?!


Maybe things will get smoother or maybe I can get back to going in the early am. At second thought that is sooooo out of the question when I never know if I’ll even get to sleep all night!:)

I found this quote on Google and I just love it “you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great”.–anonymous
So true.

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