What a weekend.

Have you ever found yourself so frustrated with someone and you know you should/need to just let it go, but you don’t? I’m so there.

Whom am I frustrated with you ask? Well my husband. I hate that I’m still frustrated. I think I just get more frustrated with myself for being frustrated. Have I lost you yet? ha

Saturday my husband went fishing; as he normally does as he is a tournament fisherman. I know more about fishing than I ever thought I would… I always assumed it was just about luck… silly me. This wasn’t really what I found frustrating; although sometimes I wish I could get him to slow down and spend more time with our daughter on the weekends because he works so much during the week, but it was the fact he was up at 430am. One thing about my husband you should know to fully understand me is he doesn’t do anything quietly. I laid in bed praying that our daughter is by chance in such a sound sleep she doesn’t wake up. My prayers were kind of answered she woke up just after 600am (1.5 hours earlier than normal). UGH so now I’m really up and he’s about to leave. great timing right?!?! So now I’m a little frustrated. and tired.

My daughter must have felt that naps were overrated because she only for about 2.5 hours all day. Her naps were like 20-30 minutes each. This has been going on for a few days now and I’m not sure why she’s doing this. She wasn’t too cranky from not napping but I could tell she was tired. I tried to put her down when she showed signs of being tired. I tried leaving her in her crib so that she could wear herself out. nothing has worked. This mommy has gotten used to her down time every so often while she napped. I wouldn’t say this frustrated me but it sure didn’t help me relax or get down time.

When my husband got home at 400p he wondered what was for dinner. He clearly never heard you don’t walk in the house and immediately ask ‘what’s for dinner’. Well I didn’t cook anything because when I asked him on Friday when he would be home from fishing he said it starts to get dark around 7p so I didn’t expect him home. I also knew he had plans with some co workers to go to a bar in town for some drinks so I didn’t plan on dinner. This all brings me to the next thing that was frustrating; he was going out again and when my husband says he is going to get a drink it never means one. I wasn’t frustrated because I wish I was the one going out ; I much prefer to be home I just wish 1). he would want to be home more 2). I knew when he pulled into the driveway whenever he got home the dogs would bark and guess who would wake up. He got home around 1am and luckily the dogs didn’t wake up the baby. Thank goodness. Still frustrated though.

Today I’ve just been ho hum with him and I just don’t know why. It’s almost like I’m too proud to just let it go. I’ve been snippy with him and I hate being that way. It reminds me of a quote from a book series I’ve read: “I am amazed by how many individuals mess up every new day with yesterday.” –Gary Chapman. Maybe I should read these books again.

When I see this though I just can’t help but stop and think how much I love them both.

daddy and baby

Sometimes I just have to step back and realize my husband is not me and can’t read my mind. Since becoming parents we need to remember to communicate better. Not just the facts but our thoughts, feelings, and maybe most importantly to us our needs. Here’s another good one to remember: “People tend to criticize their spouse most loudly in the area where they themselves have the deepest emotional need.” –Gary Chapman. Sharing our needs is definitely the hardest things for us to do too. practice makes perfect, right?!?!

6 thoughts on “What a weekend.”

  1. You are definitely not alone! I think that our husbands sometimes forget (especially in those instances where they frustrate us) that being a mommy (AND wife) is a 24/7 job. I think they get so used to us automatically doing the dishes, washing the clothes, taking care of baby (…and hubby), that they don’t realize that there are just some days that we need a little extra love ourself. My husband can read me like a book, even if I try to pretend I’m okay (for the same reason as you… I know I’m not really upset necessarily with him and what he’s doing because I know he’s a great father and husband… But there’s just something about that particular day where I can’t seem to let things go and everything bugs me when, normally, it wouldn’t), he knows something is wrong. Over time, I learned that it’s healthier for me to just face my feelings and talk them out with my husband. If I held them in too long, my bad mood would slowly infect my husband because he can tell that I’m not happy. It just wasn’t worth it. And honestly, once I tell him how I’m feeling, he’s always more than willing to help out or tell me how much he appreciates everything… And sometimes that’s all I need.

    Communication definitely is important to a happy and healthy family. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the feelings you have and it’s good to discuss them and practice communicating with each other. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday together!


    1. I’m glad I’m not alone. You’re so right! I don’t mind doing the household chores. I think I’m weird in that it relaxes me. I think you said it best they just get used to it. I guess he takes it for granted which is normal for people to do in many circumstances. I mean i don’t mind taking care of everything until it’s assumed and expected by him. Lol


  2. That’s normally the case! We handle everything like pros… But if baby isn’t themselves for a period of time sometimes it just puts us on edge. And to tell you the truth… I don’t think the husbands pick up as quickly as us mommies that something is a bit different with baby, at least with my husband that’s how it can be sometimes! We definitely notice that baby’s sleep schedule is even just a little off, or if they’re fussier than normal. Maybe she’s going through a growth spurt? Every time Chloe is going through one her sleeping schedule gets really off. Growth spurts and teething are normally what messes her up a bit.

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    1. Yeah everyone thinks she is teething bit i haven’t felt our seen anything to suggest that. She is starting to make a chewing motion as she is going to sleep. She never done that before. I haven’t started her on cereal as my pediatrician mentioned there isn’t much nutrients in it.


      1. Aw.. Her teeth are probably starting to move up to the surface. Chloe did the same for a bit before I even started to feel anything. We gave her oatmeal cereal instead of the traditional baby cereal for the same reasons. Chloe was very eager to start solids so she started eating poi (a mashed up root vegetable dish from Hawai’i… Luckily it’s packed with nutrients so it’s good for baby too) at four months. Hopefully her nap time goes back to normal soon so you can get some mommy time!

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