What did I do all week?

“Being a mom is the highest paid job in the world, since the payment is in pure love!” –unknown

whew!! Ever have one of those weeks where you didn’t have too much going on yet you didn’t get anything done that you thought you would?

Where did the time go this week… ugh I don’t like it when they go by that fast. Maybe this is payback when I used to pray on Monday mornings that Saturday would hurry up and get here.

Overall it was a great week, so I can’t and won’t complain. Baby girl naps were a lot better. She slept all night every night (I still never assume she will). My house is clean, did some shopping, a lot of laughing with the baby, and a lot of snuggles. Those two things there to me makes it the perfect week. It is really starting to get fun taking her places since she interacts more. She will smile at people, jibber jabber while we are walking around stores. Its a great time! She rode in a cart for the first time today sitting in the front part. To most I know this isn’t such a huge step but it’s just one more reminder to me that she is getting bigger.

Came up with a Halloween costume for baby girl. Nothing crazy, practical in that she can wear it again (for about a week before she grows out of it). I just didn’t want to go the typical pumpkin, ladybug costume. I won’t spoil the details… plus if it doesn’t turn out like it does in my head I’ll have to think quick to change it. 🙂 always thinking…I’m a mom now sooo…. well you get it!

Only down side to the week; my husband and I had a disagreement Friday night; nothing major but I still hate arguments. He must of felt bad as he scheduled me a heated stone massage for tomorrow. I WILL TAKE IT!!! AHHHH!!! He is learning; a massage is WAAAYYYY better than flowers. Honestly though, he didn’t have to do it but I’m grateful for it. If you’ve never had a heated stone massage… book one. Or make your husband buy you one! Best 60-90 minutes ever! Totally made up for him being a little butt head. Gosh, I do love him; even without the massage.

Tomorrow starts another week and I hope its as good or better yet even better than this week. I hope my baby is happy and healthy… that’s all I need! I hope everyone takes a moment tonight and reflect on your week, the highs, the opportunites…. and gets refreshed for a brand new day and week! Have a good one!!!

Landing Page Envelope so true!

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