An apple a day….

Baby girl and I have been visiting my parents house again and while here I wanted to celebrate my dad’s birthday dinner I wouldn’t see him on the actual day. I struggled with what to get him as he has everything and what he really would enjoy I simply just can’t afford.

As ‘daddy’s little girl’ I sat back and thought about what my daddy would want… Something homemade, something sweet…. A pie. My dad loves a good pie and I love to bake.

I could have gone the easy route and made a blueberry pie that I’ve made him numerous times before but I wanted a ‘fall’ dessert.

One thing to know about me is I’m kinda obsessed with ‘the Pioneer woman’… I secretly want her life.

Well on her website I found a recipe for a Caramel apple pie

. I did make a few slight modifications for instance I used Arabia for sugar and similar brown sugar. For caramel topping I used a salted caramel topping (smuckers simply delight). I also used gala Apple’s as that is what I had from orchard already. This recipe was enough to make 2 9″ pies.

Served warm with a rich vanilla ice cream!!! Omg perfection.

If you’re like me and you like to make something new for thanksgiving each year this recipe is a must try.



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