Tears of joy

Tonight has been a great night! Baby asleep… House clean…. Husband working late… Catching up on all my shows that are in too late for me. And by “too late” I mean 9pm. #thestruggleisreal

All of a sudden I came across a picture of my daughter Carolina from July roughly 6 weeks old and I just started crying; and I don’t mean the pretty cry, but down right ugly cry. It all hit me like a ton of bricks that:
1. She’ll never be that little again. I wish I could keep her little forever!!!!!
2. I almost don’t remember that day. This might make me the most sad because it’s only been 5 months since July and I already feel like I’m forgetting some things. What will it be like when she is 1, 10, 20?
3. How much I love her. The word love doesn’t even have the same meaning after her.
4. How lucky I am to spend everyday with her. I read a sad story today about a 3 year old who passed away and it broke my heart. Even though I don’t know that family, and they don’t know me, I cried for those parents. I can’t imagine what they feel. The scary thing I can’t help but think is their story could happen to anyone at anytime. Therefore I don’t take one minute for granted with my family and I love that I get to spend my days with my daughter.

My heart was just bursting with emotion. I don’t know if motherhood had been good for me or not because I’m so emotional all the time. Something still very new to me.

I love this little girl and can’t believe the changes in only a few months.


2 thoughts on “Tears of joy”

  1. Awww! You know I was feeling pretty much the same today, My baby is all of 7 months and he is on semi-solids now. I so miss our bond over breastfeed. His gentle lips touching my skin. I miss the way he would snuggle up and sleep, his head resting on my shoulder. Ofcourse, he does that now too but I have to put him to bed soon after (cause he is getting too big). What a beautiful post!


  2. Oh my gosh I’m just now reading this. I’m soo sorry for the delayed response. I don’t know where I’ve been. My baby will be 7 months on Saturday! TEAR!!! I so wish I could have continued breastfeeding. We’re up to 5 foods almost 6. It’s fun seeing her experience new things but it’s almost like for every milestone that is exciting I am also saddened because I know she is one day older than she was yesterday! Thank you for reading!


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