“No, please don’t buy me that!”

Those are words I never would have thought I’d say. Especially over and over again.

Let me explain, my husband and I ran some errands yesterday and out of nowhere he wanted to go to a Verizon store and when we got there he was asking the associate about upgrading my phone to get the iPhone 6 or 6 plus. I told him I don’t really need a new phone and I certainly didn’t want him to pay 200-300 for it. It’s basically just like the one I have size wise just bigger screen (i have iPhone 5). After we left he drove to at&t and again I told him I really don’t need a phone.

He also a few days before this wanted me to go on a shopping spree for just myself… The rules are I can’t buy anything for my daughter or dogs. I think he got mad when I told him I didn’t want or need anything. But it’s true. If I can’t buy anything for my daughter or dogs what else is there to get. Yeah I could buy some shoes but I don’t really go out anywhere and I still have shoes I barely wear. I could buy clothes but again I prefer what I have and nothing has stood out to me.

I know this is his way of showing his appreciation for everything I do and it’s incredibly sweet of him but I just don’t need anything. Who would have thought I’d have to fight off my husband from buying me things. I am perfectly content, actually more than just content, with everything I have.

Am I crazy? A dream wife? Lol

I think I am just so blessed with everything I have now and it’s everything money can’t buy.


2 thoughts on ““No, please don’t buy me that!””

  1. My husband and I get into discussions like this all the time. He tells me that I’m not demanding enough and that I should have him do MORE. And the same with buying things… I rarely ever want something, and when I do, I always start to talk myself out of it and he gets mad at me hehe. It’s just a sign that our hearts are in the right place. =]

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