8 months old!

How is it even possible that my daughter is 8 months old today? It just doesn’t seem that long ago she was born.

She is just the best baby! So happy…99% of the time!

She is learning new skills and I love watching her figure things out. She is very fascinated with how things work and put together. She may have an engineering mind like her daddy.

Someone asked me recently if being a mom is what I expected it to be. My answer…. Definitely so much more than I could have imagined. I expected the no sleeping and the crying fits but the love I feel for her it’s just indescribable. There should be another word for love because it’s so much stronger, deeper, more pure than any love I’ve ever known before.

Happy 8 months baby girl!

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5 thoughts on “8 months old!”

    1. It truly is like living on cloud nine. I never expected to value life as much or even noticing a change in how much I value life after having a baby. Tragedies hurt so much more, happy moments are even greater moments. I’m more Confident since becoming a mom but also a lot more fearful at the same time.

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      1. I have my own story related with ‘your gaining more confidence with motherhood’. I used to be a very quiet person since my childhood. I never had anything to say after the usual hellos. But after becoming a mother, I have improved for the better. I have stories to talk about not just about my son but about myself too. As you said, may be its also about the confidence thing. I was also fearful during the first year about everything related to my son, his diet, his sicknesses, his bruises etc etc. As a result I got terribly stressed and my relationships soured. When I look back now I only hope if I could have done away with the fears in my mind and created a positive thought that me and my child are going to be fine, more than just fine.

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