Big day!! No more bottles… We hope!!!

Yesterday was a big day in our household. My daughter tried organic puffs for the first time. I don’t know who was more unsure about them but I know one thing…she sure did not like the taste at all. Actually gor a video of her spitting it out which was pretty comical.

I didn’t push it I just gave her a few tries and we stopped for the day. At dinner time I gave her a few banana pieces to see if she would like that better; I think she just enjoy playing with the pieces more than trying to eat it. I anticipated she would want to play with her food first which I’m totally fine with I know that’s how they learn. It’s actually really cute to watch.

I also noticed that yesterday I could see the top two teeth and the ones beside them actually starting to show in the guma. I decided that we might want to start transitioning from a traditional bottle to the next step. We’re going all in and trying the spoutless cup instead of using a traditional sippy cup; this should be exciting (and messy). I bought munchkin brand the 360° spoutless cup and I absolutely love it.


If you’re in the process of using something other than bottles or about to look into it. I found it at the babies r us. I think you can also find them at Target. Walmart sells a different brand I believe it’s called the ‘wow cup’. It’s the same concept. As with anything you can also order from Amazon as well. I played around with her drinking from other cups a while ago but I got lazy because well let’s face it I can get a lot of things done while she’s feeding herself. However I need to just suck it up and teach her.Bring out the bibs and the towels to clean up the mess around her face. She hasn’t grasped the concept that she can’t gulp down like she does with the bottle.

Today was the day!! I started with no bottles and we made it! Overall it was a little frustrating at times but we made it. I have found that if I make it into a game she likes it better.

We also tried those puffs again and while she didn’t want to feed herself when I fed them to her she seemed to like it. During snack time she was drinking out of a cup and chewing on puffs and I immediately went back in time when I first held her. She was so small and helpless. With each day she is growing and getting smarter. Of course I’m so proud of her! Today after she would take a sip of water out finish a puff she would look up to me as if she was saying “look Mom I did it”. I love that look! I guess I should be used to that lump in my throat and feeling in my heart but I’m not sure if I will ever be used to that feeling. This child has made me an emotional mess!

And just when I didn’t think it could get better she looked and reached up to me, when I pulled her up she gave me the biggest hug. At that moment she was that little baby that needed her mommy!!!

2 thoughts on “Big day!! No more bottles… We hope!!!”

  1. This is really lovely 🙂 And go you with not using a bottle already! *whispers* we still are at 21 months! Though only for bed time milk (and I love the cosy, sleepy milk cuddles from it), but cup in the day and for water. It is so sweet yet so strange watching them do things themselves isn’t it? My child has also turned me into a COMPLETE emotional wreck!

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