Accidental milestone

Yesterday my daughter turned 13 months old. Still cannot believe I have a one year old. Doesn’t seem possible.

While I was expecting her to start walking that is not the milestone I’m referring to in the title. My daughter has always been timid around new toys and really anything so my husband and I decided to get her a potty so she can get used to it before we start with potty training eventually.

Before her bath tonight I decided to put her on it just for fun and she started peeing within seconds. I was so excited. I called for my husband to tell him! I know she usually pees before her bath so that’s why I put her on it but I wasn’t expecting anything. I actually figured she be scared of it. Maybe all those times she goes with me throughout the day is helping lol.

I know it’s super really to get so excited about something that was more a fluke but hey I will take whatever I can get! Lol!

Oh and while the thought of taking a picture entered my head I did not take one. I won’t be ‘that’ mom!

My little girl is being my big girl a little more every day! #imnotready

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