About Me

Hi! I’m a proud wife and mom.

I married my best friend in June of 2011 and we live in Indiana. We met in 2008 in a way that would make non believers of fate believe; trust me because I myself didn’t believe in fate until that night!

After 2 years of trying we finally found out on September 30th 2013 that we would be parents due June 7th 2014! She was so excited as we were that she came early and was born on May 27th. We named her Carolina Mae. Mae after my husbands late sister and my late granny. Carolina is the feminine of Charles and means joy among other characteristics I hope she has. 🙂

In July 2016 we found out we were expecting our 2nd child. We can’t wait for the baby’s arrival. We also found out it’s another GIRL!

I had a rewarding career in college admissions for the past 6 years. I fell into that career and while I had many successes it was never something I was particularly passionate about. As of August my husband gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to stay at home with our daughter. It’s been a blessing to experience so much already with her and I can’t wait to be here for all the ‘firsts’.

I also have two more loves my black labrador retriever named Kona born in December 2008 and my golden retriever named Sadie born in December 2010. I do refer my dogs as children because sometimes my dogs are more demanding than my daughter.

A conceivable dream is a way that I can express my thoughts, concerns, fears, excitement through my journey of motherhood. It’s also a way to connect with other moms to see what they have gone through, what I will be going through and to celebrate us.

12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Yeah for being able to stay home with your sweet girl!! I absolutely love it! I also love the meaning of her name–joy. What a beautiful message you are speaking to her each time you say her name.


    1. Hello!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love the name Harshal! I sold my husband on Carolina because its the feminine form of Charles! I fell in love with the name because it sounds girly yet can stand on its own! I’ll check out your blog as well!! Thanks again for the kind words!


  2. Hi! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award as I was nominated by a blog named Stylish Affairs. My post with a description of your wonderful blog is here:


    I had a nomination a bit back, so I only nominated others instead of following the “rules” for the award, but you can find them here:

    Thank you so much for having such a wonderful site! I will enjoy continuing to read.

    Dorian and her Mama

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