Pretty lamp or healing instrument???

A couple weeks ago my mom brought me my birthday present. Now this present is a very early birthday present because my birthday is not until the middle of May, but she wanted me to be able to use it beforehand.

My mom and I are pretty addicted to HGTV and really any remodeling shows. A couple weeks ago we watched one where a family installed A Himalayan salt wall. We were immediately intrigued by the salt wall and the supposed mind and body benefits. It was beautiful and seemingly peaceful. While it is not practical to install an entire wall my mom purchased a Himalayan salt lamps for myself and her. I’ve been using it for about three weeks now. It really is beautiful and has a soft orange-red glow. I am still unsure whether all the health benefits are true but nonetheless it’s beautiful. I have noticed that I’ve had fewer headaches but I don’t know if that’s just coincidence.

I’ve never been one that has been into the more holistic techniques and remedies. I have always tended to go more on the side of science; I guess because of the easy proof. I mean I have a headache I pop a few pain killers (nothing drastic or extreme).

Yet again…another thing that has changed about me since becoming a mother is the fact that I look more closely at what goes into not only my daughters body but mine. I wish there was an easy way to learn more about holistic techniques and remedies for different situations but right now the only resource I have is the Internet which I generally do not believe what I read. I’m really interested in the use of essential oils, especially since I am in the house every day.

I guess until I learn more or believe more I will enjoy the lamp for it’s ambience and hope that the mind and body benefits actually exists.