Our Favorite Christmas Holiday to Date!

Another Christmas is in the books and it was one to remember for sure. This was the first Christmas where Carolina recognized Santa and began to understand more and more about the holiday! She loved seeing my parents and having daddy home so much for the holiday! Lots of people to play with!

Everything was Elsa and Anna! Her favorite gifts were the Frozen snow globe my parents got her that sings ‘Let It Go’ (loudly may I add) I think we’ve heard it at least a million times already. Fortunately, I have found that if I tell her something needs to charge then her world doesn’t end when we don’t play with/use it for a while. Her other favorite gift was her Elsa barbie doll. It was the last gift I picked up for her because I figured she has all the other Princess barbie dolls she just needed the Elsa one too. Of course she keeps looking for Anna; (should have known that was important since they are always together). Every time she plays with the doll or snow globe she has to watch Frozen, or what she calls ‘Let It Go’. She got some great things this year, more of ‘big girl’ toys. She got a Minnie Mouse kitchen with accessories, a Nursery station so she can take care of her baby while mommy takes care of her sister in a few months. She also got an art table that has a white board and table to color on with storage. She has already used it many times. Her other gifts included play doh, coloring books, clothes, books, and smaller tinker type toys.

I also had a pretty good Christmas as well. I got a pregnancy massage that I can’t wait to use. A lot of kitchen accessories, which I LOVE!

It’s always sad when Christmas is over and this year is especially bittersweet because it will be the last Christmas with it being just the three of us! I can’t wait to bring home her sister and be a family of four but part of me is a little sad that Carolina will have to share/split the attention with her sister from now on. As sad as I am about the holiday season being over I have been a little distracted because Carolina came down with a fever Saturday night and some congestion. She’s a trooper and it didn’t seem to damper her Christmas. Took her to the dr yesterday and she has a left ear infection as well as a respiratory virus (that seems like everyone has right now). I feel like I’m counting down the minutes until I come down with it next. Fortunately, the dr gave her some medicine so I’m hoping in a day or two she’ll start to feel better.

As 2016 comes to a close I feel blessed that my family has been able to have more highs than lows and that we are all very excited to see what 2017 has in store (particularly in April when our second daughter is due to make her arrival)!



We survived… Time for some Christmas cheer!!!

Wow I feel like I’m just getting settled back home from being away for thanksgiving. I have a feeling I’m going to be saying the same thing about Christmas in no time.

We survived our baby’s first stomach bug. What an exhausting week. It was 6 days of her not feeling well and boy oh boy did I worry constantly about her. She was a trooper. You wouldn’t even know she felt bad until you had to change her diaper. Ugh those diapers…. Nothing prepared me for that! We had to disassemble her car seat at one point and wash everything. Poor girl! Glad she is doing much better!

Christmad time is finally here! I wish it could be more than a month of celebrating! Christmas has also been a time of traditions and memories of my childhood and now that I have my own child I think it may be even more fun! Granted she is just 6 months old and has no clue what is going on I guess these memories are for me. I am however, finding it difficult to let go of some of my old family traditions so that my new little family can create our own. It’s bittersweet. But I am excited to build memories with my husband and daughter. I’m still trying to find out what our ‘thing’ will be.

For the past six years I’ve slowly been trying to convert my husband into a Christmas junkie too. I’m not sure if I am succeeding in this goal or if I’m just driving myself crazy. This year with Carolina he doesn’t seem to be resisting as much, so many she is the answer to getting him to love the holidays. It’s not that he’s the grinch but he just didn’t grow up with family traditions and have those warm memories. He had the most pathetic tree… A Charlie Brown tree he would put in his kitchen table and that would be the extent of his decorating. When I came into the picture I told him it’s a real tree only or this thing wasn’t going to work. 🙂 (ahhhh the smell of pine) needless to say we’ve had a real tree ever since. The deal also included if/when we had kids that we’d have to go to a Christmas tree farm for our tree. I’m sure he will be dressing like Santa clause in no time. Ok, well maybe not that far.

My granny started a collection of nutcrackers in 1992 and I’ve received at least 1 every year since. I think I have over 30. My husband just shakes his head when I bring them out!! I haven’t decided what to start collecting for Carolina! Our house looks like it threw up Christmas decorations. I have multiple kinds of Christmas candles going on daily in a rotation. Even my dogs have Christmas collars!

This Christmas I am looking forward to getting out tree, writing to Santa Claus, sitting in Santa’s lap, baking my annual cookies, sending our Christmas cards (isnt it sad that mailing Christmad cards is like a dying tradition. My family used to decorate the house with the cards we got), I’m sure there is more we will do this season! I hope to capture as much as I can!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with those you love!!!