Her first word

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I began dreaming of everything that would happen in the days, weeks, months, years to come!

Many of my dreams have already come true just by being able to meet her, hug her, kiss her! Now that we are nearing 8 months old I knew her first words would be rolling off her tongue any day!

I was certain her first word would be of course the one who sits with her in the middle of the nights, feeds her, kisses and hugs her all day long, changed all those dirty diapers, who literally sucked snot out of her nose with a device (that while is so disgusting actually works like a charm)… I mean how could she not say Mama right! I mean I carried her inside me… she knows my smell, my touch, my voice!

The moment of truth came Monday evening while I was picking up supplies for my 3 year olds preschool class thanksgiving treat at Walmart with both my girls. My sweet baby started rattling off her first word like she’s been saying it for months! And her first word was DADA! 😳

I of course rushed to get my phone out to record this huge milestone and my oldest was so excited as well (we’ll see how excited she is when they are talking over each other). Sent the video to Daddy who is over the moon excited her first word was dada! His words were “i am first lol”!

While I could be sad that Mama wasn’t her first word, or jokingly tell my husband she says dada because the syllables are so simple, or that she doesn’t necessarily mean him I don’t. I’m happy for him and join him in celebrating her first word and how special that it’s dada!

I’m so happy and my heart is filled with love because I got to meet her first by carrying her in my womb. She learned my voice before learning my face. I got to feel her move first. I got to feel what it’s like to nurse a baby. I️ get quiet late night snuggles. I get to spend every single day with her. I heard her first word.

For all of our pregnancy my husband had to sit back and wait to meet her, then he had to watch her nurse, he had to sleep because he leaves the house for sometimes 12 hours a day for work. He misses so much so I’m happy her first word was DADA! She had been a little daddy’s girl from the get go and it’s been special to watch!

I’ve been so blessed in witnessing so many firsts with both my daughters so I️ love celebrating this milestone of her first word with her very proud and happy DADA! ❤️


An apple a day….

Baby girl and I have been visiting my parents house again and while here I wanted to celebrate my dad’s birthday dinner I wouldn’t see him on the actual day. I struggled with what to get him as he has everything and what he really would enjoy I simply just can’t afford.

As ‘daddy’s little girl’ I sat back and thought about what my daddy would want… Something homemade, something sweet…. A pie. My dad loves a good pie and I love to bake.

I could have gone the easy route and made a blueberry pie that I’ve made him numerous times before but I wanted a ‘fall’ dessert.

One thing to know about me is I’m kinda obsessed with ‘the Pioneer woman’… I secretly want her life.

Well on her website I found a recipe for a Caramel apple pie

. I did make a few slight modifications for instance I used Arabia for sugar and similar brown sugar. For caramel topping I used a salted caramel topping (smuckers simply delight). I also used gala Apple’s as that is what I had from orchard already. This recipe was enough to make 2 9″ pies.

Served warm with a rich vanilla ice cream!!! Omg perfection.

If you’re like me and you like to make something new for thanksgiving each year this recipe is a must try.