It’s the little things!

I just noticed I have not written about such a huge day in my daughters development. I definitely want to remember these memories. On Tuesday I was eating my dinner and had her sitting in her bumbo chair in front of me. I noticed she was sticking her tongue out; which is one of her favorite things to do. It’s hilarious! I hope she keeps this fun personality as she gets older. Anyways, she was sticking out her tongue a little differently this time (ha, who knew there were so many ways to stick out ones’ tongue). It almost looked like she was struggling so I was watching carefully and all of a sudden she blew a raspberry. It was the funniest and cutest thing I had seen so far. I watched her figure out how to make the noise come out. I was so proud and glad that I got to witness her figure something out.

Like any mom I grabbed my phone to get it on video to share with my husband and my parents. And….. very typical her she just wanted to look at herself in the phone and wouldn’t do make the noise again. Eventually after making the noise myself about a million times she did it…. and I got it on camera! SCORE!!!! I could now delete the 30 videos of just me making the noise and her looking at me like I’ve lost my mind (which is still up for debate).

After I ate I took her into our bedroom to play on our bed, she likes to look in the mirror and watch the ceiling fan spin around. She was blowing raspberries non stop… (of course no camera filming her to distract her). I facetime my mom and she continued to blow raspberries. My mom and I were in tears laughing at her because she was really pushing to get that face out. I’ve seen faces like these before but for VERY different and stinky reasons. I loved this moment and I wish it could have lasted forever.

All of sudden just when I thought the new milestones were through for the day she turned over from laying on her back to her stomach. Up to this point she could only roll over from stomach to back (which makes me nervous still because she still hasn’t grasped her arm cannot be directly out to the side of the direction she is trying to roll over; I’m so nervous she will hurt herself). It was special that my mom got to witness it as she doesn’t live near. I yelled for joy and she could tell I was happy because she was just smiling and happy as a clam.

Oh what a beautiful day and a memory I hope I never forget!

I saw a picture online today that reminded me of it: “Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room on our hearts”. Oh this couldn’t be more true if you are talking about a baby. This is just another reminder that I made the best decision to be at home to see her grow.

Proud mommy!!

It's not what you think.... just blowing raspberries!!!
It’s not what you think…. just blowing raspberries!!!

Daughter=1 Mommy=0

Ok well that title is probably a little inaccurate. It’s probably more like daughter=100 Mommy=who knows.

Tonight was my first night back to the gym in (well way to long to say) and boy it takes a lot more planning with a baby and a husband that basically had no regular work schedule (i don’t try to understand what he does… All I know is he is a very intelligent and hard working man).

I used to do weight training mixed with running 6-7 days a week. I was pretty hard core about it and I LOVED it. I did everything myself from developing workouts to keying into the right supplement routine. All I ever did was research and use trial and error. Gotta love Google… Can I get an Amen!!! I was at the gym by 530am basically every day for a year. I was losing about about 3-4 lbs a month. I felt on top of the world during this time.

All of this was a way to escape a miserable work environment, I mean miserable. There wasn’t one good thing about that place. After dealing with so much crap for (well way to long) I had to make a change.

Soon into my pregnancy I was experiencing so much fatigued (i swear I was narcoleptic) and also I had started a new job so I was focusing on that. I started going to the gym less and less.

After my daughter was born (via c section so I wasn’t cleared for 6 weeks) as I have mentioned in other posts I decided to stay home. So I sold my beloved jeep wrangler (oh how I miss that thing….not enough though to return to work) and I basically quit spending money (spending money now makes me sweat) so I never renewed my gym membership. I longed to return though.

My amazing husband asked the other day if there was anything I missed and I think I said THE GYM before he finished his sentence. Last night we went and renewed my membership. Love him!!!!

All day today I worked to get everything done. Well…. My daughter had other plans!! Ugh she fought them and when she did get to sleep and I get started doing something she’d wake up screaming. My plan was to be at the gym by 600 so that I could be home before I started my daughter’s nightly routine (730) because, well I’m not ready to miss that. I ended up not leaving the house until 635.

Daughter=1 mommy=0.

I could dwell on everything that didn’t go according to my plans but instead I see that I got to spend a little extra time with my daughter and I followed through and made it to the gym. 45 minutes is better than 0 minutes right?!?!


Maybe things will get smoother or maybe I can get back to going in the early am. At second thought that is sooooo out of the question when I never know if I’ll even get to sleep all night!:)

I found this quote on Google and I just love it “you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great”.–anonymous
So true.