Her first word

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I began dreaming of everything that would happen in the days, weeks, months, years to come!

Many of my dreams have already come true just by being able to meet her, hug her, kiss her! Now that we are nearing 8 months old I knew her first words would be rolling off her tongue any day!

I was certain her first word would be of course the one who sits with her in the middle of the nights, feeds her, kisses and hugs her all day long, changed all those dirty diapers, who literally sucked snot out of her nose with a device (that while is so disgusting actually works like a charm)… I mean how could she not say Mama right! I mean I carried her inside me… she knows my smell, my touch, my voice!

The moment of truth came Monday evening while I was picking up supplies for my 3 year olds preschool class thanksgiving treat at Walmart with both my girls. My sweet baby started rattling off her first word like she’s been saying it for months! And her first word was DADA! 😳

I of course rushed to get my phone out to record this huge milestone and my oldest was so excited as well (we’ll see how excited she is when they are talking over each other). Sent the video to Daddy who is over the moon excited her first word was dada! His words were “i am first lol”!

While I could be sad that Mama wasn’t her first word, or jokingly tell my husband she says dada because the syllables are so simple, or that she doesn’t necessarily mean him I don’t. I’m happy for him and join him in celebrating her first word and how special that it’s dada!

I’m so happy and my heart is filled with love because I got to meet her first by carrying her in my womb. She learned my voice before learning my face. I got to feel her move first. I got to feel what it’s like to nurse a baby. I️ get quiet late night snuggles. I get to spend every single day with her. I heard her first word.

For all of our pregnancy my husband had to sit back and wait to meet her, then he had to watch her nurse, he had to sleep because he leaves the house for sometimes 12 hours a day for work. He misses so much so I’m happy her first word was DADA! She had been a little daddy’s girl from the get go and it’s been special to watch!

I’ve been so blessed in witnessing so many firsts with both my daughters so I️ love celebrating this milestone of her first word with her very proud and happy DADA! ❤️


5 months old

5 months ago just as she was born at 832am so were we as parents. We began this journey together just the three of us (well 5 with Kona and Sadie they had adjustments too).

We are so thrilled with each new milestone and heartbroken that we can’t make time stand still and keep her little. She’s grown so much and her personality is starting to shine.

Saying we love her to the moon and back just doesn’t do our feelings justice… There are no words for our love. Everyday with her is a dream come true.



It’s the little things!

I just noticed I have not written about such a huge day in my daughters development. I definitely want to remember these memories. On Tuesday I was eating my dinner and had her sitting in her bumbo chair in front of me. I noticed she was sticking her tongue out; which is one of her favorite things to do. It’s hilarious! I hope she keeps this fun personality as she gets older. Anyways, she was sticking out her tongue a little differently this time (ha, who knew there were so many ways to stick out ones’ tongue). It almost looked like she was struggling so I was watching carefully and all of a sudden she blew a raspberry. It was the funniest and cutest thing I had seen so far. I watched her figure out how to make the noise come out. I was so proud and glad that I got to witness her figure something out.

Like any mom I grabbed my phone to get it on video to share with my husband and my parents. And….. very typical her she just wanted to look at herself in the phone and wouldn’t do make the noise again. Eventually after making the noise myself about a million times she did it…. and I got it on camera! SCORE!!!! I could now delete the 30 videos of just me making the noise and her looking at me like I’ve lost my mind (which is still up for debate).

After I ate I took her into our bedroom to play on our bed, she likes to look in the mirror and watch the ceiling fan spin around. She was blowing raspberries non stop… (of course no camera filming her to distract her). I facetime my mom and she continued to blow raspberries. My mom and I were in tears laughing at her because she was really pushing to get that face out. I’ve seen faces like these before but for VERY different and stinky reasons. I loved this moment and I wish it could have lasted forever.

All of sudden just when I thought the new milestones were through for the day she turned over from laying on her back to her stomach. Up to this point she could only roll over from stomach to back (which makes me nervous still because she still hasn’t grasped her arm cannot be directly out to the side of the direction she is trying to roll over; I’m so nervous she will hurt herself). It was special that my mom got to witness it as she doesn’t live near. I yelled for joy and she could tell I was happy because she was just smiling and happy as a clam.

Oh what a beautiful day and a memory I hope I never forget!

I saw a picture online today that reminded me of it: “Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room on our hearts”. Oh this couldn’t be more true if you are talking about a baby. This is just another reminder that I made the best decision to be at home to see her grow.

Proud mommy!!

It's not what you think.... just blowing raspberries!!!
It’s not what you think…. just blowing raspberries!!!

Time Machine?!?! Please

Tonight while putting my daughter to bed tears filled my eyes. This wasn’t the first time and I know out won’t be the last.

An old co worker of mine is in labor and it brings me back to May 27th. I miss that day everyday and would go back to that day in a heart beat. In the same breath I adore the little girl my daughter is becoming.

I have a hard time believing that she will become a toddler, pre teen, teenager (Lord help me with this one), and an adult. I can’t imagine not having a baby in my arms. Will I be the next 19 and counting mom…. Highly doubtful but I get why she had so many babies lol.

All of these thoughts and feelings flooded my head while rocking her and couldn’t help but feel tremendous love and happiness yet just a touch of sadness because as I lay her down to sleep at night I know this day will never happen again. This fact breaks my heart. I never knew I could feel so many different emotions at the same time as I have some becoming a mom.

And boy oh boy the days fly by. Why it’s that? Right when I want every day the last forever they fly by….

I hope my old co worker has a smooth delivery and her and her daughter are healthy. Thoughts and prayers to her. I shared with her…It’s definitely an adventure and welcome to the best days of your life. You’ve never known happiness, fear, and love like you will when you see her!!

Good night world and goodbye October 15th 2014. It’s been a wonderful day and I know tomorrow will be filled with so much happiness and love.



What makes you smile?

I woke up this morning and poured my cup of coffee took a quick sip and then went to my baby’s room to see her smiling face. Oh the best part of my day! I hope she always stays a morning person (unlike her momma). I started to think what makes this little girl smile. Am I funny looking? Is she excited to see her mommy? Does she know she will get a diaper change, dressed, and then a ba ba (bottle)? Her smile is such an example of pure happiness though! I hope she doesn’t lose that when she gets older.

It got me thinking about what makes me very happy. One thing that always takes me somewhere and fills my heart with happiness is the season of Fall. It’s hard to explain how this season makes me feel so I hope through a list of why it’s one of my favorite times it will become more clear.

1. Simply fall means it’s football season! When I hear MNF football theme song my heart dances. I think back to when I was young and my dad watched the games, cheering for his favorite teams. In high school it was all about what was going on in town on Friday night! In college tailgating was what made Saturdays amazing! Showing school pride and hanging with a family away from family. Football is not just a sport to me; it contains life lessons in every practice, game, season. I have a rule in my house that during indianapolis colt games I will not respond to phone calls, text, or anything. (Let’s hope Carolina learns this rule quickly)!!

2. Hoodies and chunky sweaters! I’ve never been one to love summer clothes and bathing suits so fall clothing styles more closely represents my style. Faded jeans and a hoodie is my ideal outfit. It’s comfortable. You can do anything in it. It’s easy.

3. Bonfires. Yes you can have bonfires in summer but the air in fall is so much more alive to me. Bonfires, hoodies, after you favorite team wins the game…. Are you getting the picture?

4. The colors in nature. I love love when the leaves change colors. The reds, oranges, yellows, and all the shades in between; there is no other season that is more colorful and beautiful. My house is located in the perfect place to see all the beauty. I have a corn field across the street and so the corn stalks are drying out in a golden hue that shines. A free line at the corner of the house that has all the colors of fall. A maple tree that hasn’t been the same color year after year. (I’ll attach photos that I’ve taken in falls past. All pictures are from right around my house) i love my morning walks to see the sights as everyday the landscapes change. It’s so ironic to me that the world is so full of beauty when plants are dying and preparing for winter.

5. Cool crisp morning air. Nothing can take my breath away like a cool crisp fall morning. The smell, the sights, the sounds. It’s perfection.

6. Pumpkin anything. Have you ever wondered why we only eat pumpkins in the fall. But pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pies!!! Yum yum yum!!! Now all I want is a little of all of it.

7. Fall scented candles. Pumpkin, apple cider, pine, apricot…. And all the crazy fall combinations out there!

8. New tv episodes. Ahhh 8-10p is the best time for tv with all the series coming back on with new episodes. Scandal, modern family, the voice just to name a few.

9. The beginning to the holiday season and family traditions. This year this is what I’m most looking forward to. My favorite childhood memories start with fall season and into the new year. With Carolina here now I’m finally able to create new memories with my new family! Walking around fall festivals, pumpkin patches, playing in the leaves, family trips, thanksgiving! Ahh my heart is full just thinking about all that we can do!

Fall is as you can see is my favorite time of year. Thinking about all of the things listed above has for me smiling just like Carolina does when she wakes up. It’s simple and honest. Carolina has a way though to help me see the beauty in many things that I didn’t notice before.

Here’s to fall coming around the corner!!!