Her first word

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I began dreaming of everything that would happen in the days, weeks, months, years to come!

Many of my dreams have already come true just by being able to meet her, hug her, kiss her! Now that we are nearing 8 months old I knew her first words would be rolling off her tongue any day!

I was certain her first word would be of course the one who sits with her in the middle of the nights, feeds her, kisses and hugs her all day long, changed all those dirty diapers, who literally sucked snot out of her nose with a device (that while is so disgusting actually works like a charm)… I mean how could she not say Mama right! I mean I carried her inside me… she knows my smell, my touch, my voice!

The moment of truth came Monday evening while I was picking up supplies for my 3 year olds preschool class thanksgiving treat at Walmart with both my girls. My sweet baby started rattling off her first word like she’s been saying it for months! And her first word was DADA! 😳

I of course rushed to get my phone out to record this huge milestone and my oldest was so excited as well (we’ll see how excited she is when they are talking over each other). Sent the video to Daddy who is over the moon excited her first word was dada! His words were “i am first lol”!

While I could be sad that Mama wasn’t her first word, or jokingly tell my husband she says dada because the syllables are so simple, or that she doesn’t necessarily mean him I don’t. I’m happy for him and join him in celebrating her first word and how special that it’s dada!

I’m so happy and my heart is filled with love because I got to meet her first by carrying her in my womb. She learned my voice before learning my face. I got to feel her move first. I got to feel what it’s like to nurse a baby. I️ get quiet late night snuggles. I get to spend every single day with her. I heard her first word.

For all of our pregnancy my husband had to sit back and wait to meet her, then he had to watch her nurse, he had to sleep because he leaves the house for sometimes 12 hours a day for work. He misses so much so I’m happy her first word was DADA! She had been a little daddy’s girl from the get go and it’s been special to watch!

I’ve been so blessed in witnessing so many firsts with both my daughters so I️ love celebrating this milestone of her first word with her very proud and happy DADA! ❤️


7 years ago today!

It is crazy to believe that 7 years ago today I met my husband. It’s even crazier to sit and think about everything that has happened 7 years. I don’t know if it is normal but the older I get the faster time seems to go by. The past 7 years have not been easy but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Thinking about this milestone just got me thinking about life, and time in general.

I remember being in younger thinking about when I got older, married, and had children of my own; I used to look at people (who I am now) and wonder what life was like as an adult. It doesn’t seem like that long ago yet it does. It’s bittersweet really. Now I look at younger people (who I used to be) and think that I hope they are enjoying their youth and all that is in front of them. As much as I wish I could go back in time I am also very content being 30, married, with a child of my own.

If you have every sat back and really thought about this journey that we are all on called life; it’s just crazy. We are constantly looking and dreaming of tomorrow and what the future holds. We reminiscence and long to revisit moments and experiences from our younger years. How often though do we just appreciate the now? That’s very very hard to do. Every day I talk with people about yesterdays and tomorrows; not as much of today though! I would like to do that more… appreciate the moment!

I’m so glad my plans changed 7 years ago and I went to that local bar and made eye contact with an attractive man. I’m glad he came up to talk to me. I’m glad I gave him my number. I’m glad he called. I’m glad I moved away from home to be closer to him. I’m glad he asked for my hand in marriage. I’m glad we got married. What I’m most happy about is having our daughter!

I know in comparison to some 7 years isn’t that long but for us it’s the longest relationship we’ve had. I’m looking forward to see what happens in the next 7 years!


Big day!! No more bottles… We hope!!!

Yesterday was a big day in our household. My daughter tried organic puffs for the first time. I don’t know who was more unsure about them but I know one thing…she sure did not like the taste at all. Actually gor a video of her spitting it out which was pretty comical.

I didn’t push it I just gave her a few tries and we stopped for the day. At dinner time I gave her a few banana pieces to see if she would like that better; I think she just enjoy playing with the pieces more than trying to eat it. I anticipated she would want to play with her food first which I’m totally fine with I know that’s how they learn. It’s actually really cute to watch.

I also noticed that yesterday I could see the top two teeth and the ones beside them actually starting to show in the guma. I decided that we might want to start transitioning from a traditional bottle to the next step. We’re going all in and trying the spoutless cup instead of using a traditional sippy cup; this should be exciting (and messy). I bought munchkin brand the 360° spoutless cup and I absolutely love it.


If you’re in the process of using something other than bottles or about to look into it. I found it at the babies r us. I think you can also find them at Target. Walmart sells a different brand I believe it’s called the ‘wow cup’. It’s the same concept. As with anything you can also order from Amazon as well. I played around with her drinking from other cups a while ago but I got lazy because well let’s face it I can get a lot of things done while she’s feeding herself. However I need to just suck it up and teach her.Bring out the bibs and the towels to clean up the mess around her face. She hasn’t grasped the concept that she can’t gulp down like she does with the bottle.

Today was the day!! I started with no bottles and we made it! Overall it was a little frustrating at times but we made it. I have found that if I make it into a game she likes it better.

We also tried those puffs again and while she didn’t want to feed herself when I fed them to her she seemed to like it. During snack time she was drinking out of a cup and chewing on puffs and I immediately went back in time when I first held her. She was so small and helpless. With each day she is growing and getting smarter. Of course I’m so proud of her! Today after she would take a sip of water out finish a puff she would look up to me as if she was saying “look Mom I did it”. I love that look! I guess I should be used to that lump in my throat and feeling in my heart but I’m not sure if I will ever be used to that feeling. This child has made me an emotional mess!

And just when I didn’t think it could get better she looked and reached up to me, when I pulled her up she gave me the biggest hug. At that moment she was that little baby that needed her mommy!!!


On the move.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to blog about anything. Lately, I’ve been really busy trying to keep up with my daughter who is now a crawling machine. She also loves to climb except she can’t quite hold herself up. So the falls and boo-boos are starting. I’ve also made it a priority to go to the gym sat, sun, tues, and thurs. and that’s when I typically blog is in the evening.

She also decided sleeping through the night is overrated and that it’s way cooler to be fussy for a couple hours. I’m not a good napper so it’s hard for me to lay down when she does (By the time I call asleep she wakes up or I’ll pass out and feel worse after waking up, groggy and disoriented)’I’m hoping it’s just her teething or her 9 month growth spurt. I hope she returns to sleeping all night soon. The bad part is it’s best to let her cry it out than go in there because she is only up longer if I go in there. Made that mistake once. So I end up laying in bed watching her on the monitor until she falls asleep, it’s heartbreaking.

Above everything else I wish she would go hang out with her daddy. All he wants to do is play with her and cuddle with her when he gets home from work but she wants nothing to do with him and actually screams to the point of having to catch her breath. She will do this until I get her. As soon as she is near me she is the happiest baby. She is so clingy with me. I know this breaks my husband’s heart. I don’t know what to do except tell him it won’t always be this way.

I guess that’s true for everything going on right now “it won’t always be this way” and as tired as I am I still find every second with her a blessing!