Her first word

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I began dreaming of everything that would happen in the days, weeks, months, years to come!

Many of my dreams have already come true just by being able to meet her, hug her, kiss her! Now that we are nearing 8 months old I knew her first words would be rolling off her tongue any day!

I was certain her first word would be of course the one who sits with her in the middle of the nights, feeds her, kisses and hugs her all day long, changed all those dirty diapers, who literally sucked snot out of her nose with a device (that while is so disgusting actually works like a charm)… I mean how could she not say Mama right! I mean I carried her inside me… she knows my smell, my touch, my voice!

The moment of truth came Monday evening while I was picking up supplies for my 3 year olds preschool class thanksgiving treat at Walmart with both my girls. My sweet baby started rattling off her first word like she’s been saying it for months! And her first word was DADA! 😳

I of course rushed to get my phone out to record this huge milestone and my oldest was so excited as well (we’ll see how excited she is when they are talking over each other). Sent the video to Daddy who is over the moon excited her first word was dada! His words were “i am first lol”!

While I could be sad that Mama wasn’t her first word, or jokingly tell my husband she says dada because the syllables are so simple, or that she doesn’t necessarily mean him I don’t. I’m happy for him and join him in celebrating her first word and how special that it’s dada!

I’m so happy and my heart is filled with love because I got to meet her first by carrying her in my womb. She learned my voice before learning my face. I got to feel her move first. I got to feel what it’s like to nurse a baby. I️ get quiet late night snuggles. I get to spend every single day with her. I heard her first word.

For all of our pregnancy my husband had to sit back and wait to meet her, then he had to watch her nurse, he had to sleep because he leaves the house for sometimes 12 hours a day for work. He misses so much so I’m happy her first word was DADA! She had been a little daddy’s girl from the get go and it’s been special to watch!

I’ve been so blessed in witnessing so many firsts with both my daughters so I️ love celebrating this milestone of her first word with her very proud and happy DADA! ❤️


Cry it out or pick her up?!?!

I think we have officially been in the 9 month sleep regression or whatever you want to call it. It’s been two weeks and it seems like every other night my daughter wakes up crying. And it’s a constant struggle to whether I should go in her room or let her put herself back to sleep.

She’s been sleeping 10-12 hours a night for a little over 5 months, so I do consider myself lucky. But it makes sleepless nights harder because I’m not used to it. And she’s always done really well putting herself to sleep. I’m at a lost as to how to handle this “disturbance” with what’s comfortable for me as her mother.

I’m afraid that if this little sleep regression thingy is only temporary I don’t want to create bad habits by going in her room. At the same time I don’t want to avoid her if she truly needs me.

Every night she wakes up crying I go through thoughts like:

1. “Is she hungry?” But she hasn’t had a nighttime feedings and she was just over three months,so no I don’t think she’s hungry.

2. “Did she bump her head and hurt herself?” Doesn’t seem like her cry indicates pain so maybe she didn’t hurt herself. She doesn’t sleep still so I think when she moves constantly she wakes herself up. But when she is crying she is typically laying in the position she sleeps in so I keep thinking maybe she’ll put yourself back to sleep

3. “are you teething and in pain?” This one is the hardest for me to answer because I feel like she’s been teething nonstop but not in a terrible amount of pain. I hate using medicine if she’s not really teething or in pain.

All of these thoughts/questions and then some leave me laying in bed thinking to myself “do I go in there and pick her up or do I let her cry it out.” I’ve also pulled out good ol Google to read articles about how to handle this sleep regression (because we all agree Google is the know all lol). The only thing I really found as I could last anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks. We’re about to hit week three so maybe were almost done.

I just never know what I want to do about it. She doesn’t wake up every night right now it’s about every other night but when she’s up she’s really crying for about 30 minutes to maybe an hour. Not constantly I should say, she’ll settle down for a few minutes and start back up and do that for maybe an hour.

The first night I heard her it startled me because I’m not used to her waking up so I jumped out of bed and ran into her room. I quickly grabbed her and calmed her down. Then I realized that I couldn’t put her back down and I struggled for almost 4 hours putting her back to bed. She’d fall right to sleep in my arms so I know she was tired but would scream so hard when I tried to lay her down. I eventually had to just let her cry it out. I was crying listening and watching the baby monitor. She’s also getting very clingy with only me which I know is pretty common so I don’t want to enhance that by keeping her up at night and creating bad sleeping habits.

If anyone who reads this has suggestions that worked for them I’m all ears.


Creating a monster

It is becoming very noticeable that my daughter notices when I leave the room. And by notices I mean screams until I return. I’ve tried leaving when she isn’t looking and that doesn’t even work. Now that she has started to reach out for me (which is the most adorable thing) it’s hard to resist her.

My husband works a lot and so he doesn’t get to spend loads of time with her. I feel awful when all she does is cry in his arms when he tries to play with her. I just don’t know what to do to help. I am with her all day everyday but I don’t hold her all the time but I also cannot ignore her. I try to give her time for independent play.

My brother and his girlfriend was over last night and it was hard to get her to stop being so fussy because she wanted me to hold her. My mom also came into town and she does it a little bit with her.

A part of me secretly loves that she wants me around her all the time; I mean I love love it. However, I want my husband to enjoy his time with her more. Do I just back away and let others do more no matter how much she fusses or will she grow out of this?


5 months old

5 months ago just as she was born at 832am so were we as parents. We began this journey together just the three of us (well 5 with Kona and Sadie they had adjustments too).

We are so thrilled with each new milestone and heartbroken that we can’t make time stand still and keep her little. She’s grown so much and her personality is starting to shine.

Saying we love her to the moon and back just doesn’t do our feelings justice… There are no words for our love. Everyday with her is a dream come true.