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Where did I go?…. excuses & announcements!

Holy smokes! What a year it has been since my last post. It’s hard to believe it’s basically been that long.

So much has happened and changed since I last wrote anything I don’t know if I can update on everything or just start over and go from there.

I’ll try to give the cliff notes version of what has happened and updates on past year.Basically why I mainly disappeared is that both of our laptops took a crap about a week apart from each other. I tried using our iPad and iPhone but typing like that was just unbelievably difficult for me to do (I know the whole world uses them but I’m still an old-fashioned Windows kind of girl), I prefer typing on a keyboard. The other reason for not keeping up with things is because well my daughter keeps me busy and I got lazy (the MAIN reason). 1 nap a day is sometimes not enough time for me to take mommy time.

Who would have guess fixing 1 of our laptops was as easy as exchanging the batteries since one of them was junk. I, embarrassingly, thought about exchanging the batteries today for the first time…why are the simplest tasks somehow take the longest to complete or think of.

Anyways, here I am. I hope to do a better job finishing up 2016 into 2017 with writing more. I enjoy it. Even though I don’t think I have that much talent when writing or organizing my thoughts. I find my mind just bouncing around thoughts and ideas; my posts may be hard to follow or not flow from one to another.

Family Update #1: My Daughter

My last post I mentioned my daughter was around 12 months old and entering the ‘terrible two’ stage. Well,now she is almost 2 1/2 and even more sassy; except now she can use her words more which I’m not sure is better or worse than just fussing. I still try to pick my battles but I feel like she picks a battle with me about EVERYTHING! Mothers should be able to get an injection of patience because I need TONS more than what I have currently. She’s outspoken, full of energy, thinks she is so independent regarding everything…. and she’s absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t possibly love anyone more than I do her.

I wish I would have kept up with writing over the past year because she has grown so much and as I’m writing this I find myself disappointed that I let that time slip by without jotting down my thoughts and memories. Her 2nd birthday was such a great day; she LOVED her Minnie party. We took so many trips to our local zoo where she was able to do more and more with each visit. All the family visits we had… I wish I would have written about those to look back on later. Maybe I can write future posts allowing myself to reminisce about those events.

Family Update #2: We’re growing!

As much as I hope to do a better job with writing in 2017 I’m not sure I’ll be so great at it as we found out in late July that we are expecting our 2nd baby! We are beyond thrilled (and slightly terrified) about the news!

I think my husband and I figured it would take years to add to our family as it took 3+ years to have our daughter, but I guess once your body knows how to do it it’s a little more prepared! ha. We are due early April.

This pregnancy I think will FLY by as I’m already into my second trimester and sometimes I even have to remind myself I’m pregnant because this pregnancy is sooo different from my last. Morning sickness (which consisted of just nausea) only lasted a couple of weeks. Fatigue is a real thing but I think that is probably more from having a very active toddler and no coffee (I miss my coffee in the mornings and I look forward to a venti iced americano as soon as I can get one).

The only drawback so far is that I’ve been battling a cold (stuffy nose, clogged ears, frustrating cough) for almost 2 months now with little relief. I don’t know what it feels like to breath out of my nose it’s been so long. If anyone who may be reading this I’m open to anything that may help with it… I’m so over it!

I’m sure many of my upcoming posts will be about our upcoming arrival and how we are planning for him/her.

Health & Fitness Update:

I am still trying to make it to the gym as much as possible. I was going 5-6 days a week prior to getting pregnant but have backed down to 3-4 days a week. Being sick hasn’t helped and the morning sickness stopped me for a while. My focus this pregnancy is to go regularly as I just stopped going during my last pregnancy. My daughter actually goes to the kids room and enjoys it most days so that helps a lot with staying on a regular schedule.

With being pregnant I’m not trying to lose weight, max out new 1RM; but I’m focusing on maintaining the lifestyle and stay healthy throughout pregnancy so that hopefully after the baby is born it won’t be a hard transition back into like it was last time.

My workouts these days last about 45 minutes and I typically burn 250-400 calories per session. In comparison, before pregnancy my workouts took about an hour or so and was burning minimum of 500 calories per session.

Once I can get back to the more intense workouts I will work back to my old 1RM with my bench (150#), squat(235#), and deadlift(225#). Looking forward to getting back.

I think all of the above updates on all the major aspects of what has been going on. I hope to dedicate at least 1 day a week to take the time to write and get back on track with things that I’ve been wanting to do/write.




Daughter=1 Mommy=0

Ok well that title is probably a little inaccurate. It’s probably more like daughter=100 Mommy=who knows.

Tonight was my first night back to the gym in (well way to long to say) and boy it takes a lot more planning with a baby and a husband that basically had no regular work schedule (i don’t try to understand what he does… All I know is he is a very intelligent and hard working man).

I used to do weight training mixed with running 6-7 days a week. I was pretty hard core about it and I LOVED it. I did everything myself from developing workouts to keying into the right supplement routine. All I ever did was research and use trial and error. Gotta love Google… Can I get an Amen!!! I was at the gym by 530am basically every day for a year. I was losing about about 3-4 lbs a month. I felt on top of the world during this time.

All of this was a way to escape a miserable work environment, I mean miserable. There wasn’t one good thing about that place. After dealing with so much crap for (well way to long) I had to make a change.

Soon into my pregnancy I was experiencing so much fatigued (i swear I was narcoleptic) and also I had started a new job so I was focusing on that. I started going to the gym less and less.

After my daughter was born (via c section so I wasn’t cleared for 6 weeks) as I have mentioned in other posts I decided to stay home. So I sold my beloved jeep wrangler (oh how I miss that thing….not enough though to return to work) and I basically quit spending money (spending money now makes me sweat) so I never renewed my gym membership. I longed to return though.

My amazing husband asked the other day if there was anything I missed and I think I said THE GYM before he finished his sentence. Last night we went and renewed my membership. Love him!!!!

All day today I worked to get everything done. Well…. My daughter had other plans!! Ugh she fought them and when she did get to sleep and I get started doing something she’d wake up screaming. My plan was to be at the gym by 600 so that I could be home before I started my daughter’s nightly routine (730) because, well I’m not ready to miss that. I ended up not leaving the house until 635.

Daughter=1 mommy=0.

I could dwell on everything that didn’t go according to my plans but instead I see that I got to spend a little extra time with my daughter and I followed through and made it to the gym. 45 minutes is better than 0 minutes right?!?!


Maybe things will get smoother or maybe I can get back to going in the early am. At second thought that is sooooo out of the question when I never know if I’ll even get to sleep all night!:)

I found this quote on Google and I just love it “you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great”.–anonymous
So true.