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Leg day: A love/hate relationship

I think I have always been slightly different than the majority of people. I’ve felt this way for most of my teenage and adult years. I say that because if you look at or talk to females in the gym or fitness industry I would feel confident that their favorite day is leg day. I on the other hand loathe leg day. I get it … We all want the JLo booty and look great in pants. I want those things too I just don’t enjoy the workouts. I don’t enjoy the day after. Or the day after that! Don’t get me wrong I never skip a leg day and I lift heavy on leg days; so I put in the necessary work. Just… Well… Ugh it’s the necessary evil.

Over the past several months I am seeing some major improvement in my leg muscles. My calves are very defined. My quads are growing and becoming more defined as well. These two areas tend to develop and grow the fastest on my body so I tend to focus on my hamstrings and glutes on leg days.

Tonight was leg day and it was a really good burn in my glutes. Here is the workout I complete:
Wide stance squat 3-12 100#
Leg press 6-6 460#
Hip thrusts 3-12 135#
Leg extension 3-12 60#
Lying leg curl 3-12 85#
Cable glute kickbacks 3-12 20#
Standing calf raises 3-12 90#
Calf extensions 3-12 100#

I basically went exercise to exercise with little rest(time to set up next exercise). I took about 30-45 seconds between sets. I felt the burn in my glutes half way through and I’m sure tomorrow sitting and standing up will be difficult; but no pain no gain right?!?!?

Overall, I’m really proud of my progress thus far. As of last Monday I’ve lost 44 lbs and over 16″ (chest,waist,hips) since November 2014. I have done everything on my own so progress may be slow and I may have a few hiccups but I view this as a journey I will be on forever. This is a new lifestyle for me and I’m simply loving it. I have done a lot of research and reading about health and fitness related topics. I also really enjoy researching information on nutrition..a good, healthy diet is now more important than ever since becoming a mother. I want her to grow up with good quality food. She doesn’t know what cookies, juice, soda, chips, basically anything that’s junk. I’m proud of that! She’s 17 months old, she doesn’t need that crap.

my workout split right now looks similar to:





It is getting colder out and it’s been too chilly in the morning to run with my daughter in the stroller. So in order to keep my body guessing I am switching up my cardio and adding some HIIT circuits into my workouts. I’m going to keep these to 15 minutes or so for now as I am fairly ne to this style of training. Updates to come regarding HIIT progress. So stay tuned!


Opposites Attract

Being a good wife is hard. I think we are all good at many things. We all juggle multiple things a day and wear many hats so were bound to be good at some, maybe even a lot of things. I wish I could pick the things I’m good at. I mean I know you can always work on certain aspects and things but it’s so hard to remember that during the day. I mean I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, Dog mommy (that’s a real thing), cleaner of the house, home chef, etc…how can I remember everything I want to change/improve? And being a good wife should be easy, right? 

I made a post around New year’s that I wanted to focus on being a better wife and sometimes I don’t know if I’m doing any better. Let me start off by saying I love my husband. Love him so very much. He’s my best friend. Now that I’ve stated that…. He can drive me absolutely bonkers. I mean bat shit crazy. We’re very different. The saying opposites attract couldn’t be a more accurate description of us. I grew up in the suburbs, him the country. I am a homebody, he can’t sit still (for more than a few minutes I swear). I’m all about family and spending every moment with them, he is very career focused.

We bicker about everything like a couple that’s been married for 50 years. To the outside world they probably think we don’t like each other half the time, but it’s all in fun.

The biggest difference between us I’d that I’m a planner, organizer, more serious person (I don’t think I’m very fun because I’m always thinking about the next thing or the consequences/results). He’s laid back, non planner, non organizer, and not serious about anything. There is nothing more frustrating than a serious person communicating with the jokester. I can get so frustrated about something and then he’ll do/say something funny and I’ll laugh. “See, you’re not upset” that”s the next thing off his tongue. O. M. G. Soooo not the case!!!

After the day is done or he leaves for work I kick myself because I know I should be able to laugh about what he says or does. “Why did I get so frustrated about something so dumb? Why couldn’t I just relax?” Why is it that as soon as he leaves or I’m falling asleep I can let it go but when I’m face to face with him I can’t? How can I remember in the moment not to flip out on him?

The question I really want to ask is why can’t he just realize I’m like this and not drive me crazy? That would’ve easy because I wouldn’t have to change anything. Ha! Oh well a girl can dream. Seriously though, I know it would take both of us to be aware and in the moment.

I don’t think I’m a bad wife but I definitely want to be better. Tomorrow’s a new day and another day to try!