5 Kisses for You!

My favorite spot in my home (quite possibly the planet) is my glider in my daughters room.

Bedtime for my daughter has become by far one of my favorite times. I’m sure I’ve written about it (maybe even a few times) before. I’m not counting the struggle it is to get her pjs on part; but the rocking part. I’ve always been very strict with her bedtime routine and for almost 11 months now we haven’t changed it. The great part of that is she sleeps through the night and is pretty happy most of the day. The down side is sometimes life tries to interfere and makes the ritual more challenging due to outings, family visits, trips, etc. When we don’t follow the plan she doesn’t sleep so well through the night.

But when I’m rocking her to sleep it is just heaven. It’s dark, calm, and quiet. We use a sound machine set to the noise of rain. I also use a fan in her room pointed away from her so that there is air flow through the night. But for the most part it is quiet. I find myself so relaxed at that moment. It may have been a stressful day and maybe when I’m done putting her to bed my stressful day will continue; but for that moment in time I am at peace. I don’t know if I’ve ever really felt that feeling before. Pure, honest peace. It’s quite nice I must say. I don’t worry about who may be texting/calling, what’s on tv, the endless list of chores I still have to do. I honestly think about nothing other than how happy I am to be in that moment. I get to feel this way every day!

On to the topic of this blog entry; 5 kisses.

Every night while I’m rocking my daughter to sleep I give her 5 kisses before I lay her down to bed. Here’s why:
1. A kiss from me; mommy!
2. A kiss from daddy!
3. A kiss from her grandparents, because they live far away from us and I know if they were here they’d kiss her goodnight!
4. A kiss from everyone who never got the chance to meet her! This one I hold dear to me because I always seem to think of my granny when I’m rocking her. How I wish she was still alive to see her, hold her, and love her. I know she is watching over her and me but it’d still be nice to have her here physically. Maybe she is with us in that moment because I seem to always think of her. At least I’d like to think that. In addition to my granny, I wish my husbands sister could still be here to meet her niece as well. I never got to meet her but from pictures they look alike in many ways. This kiss is for them and all our other family members who are no longer with us.
5. An extra kiss; because there is no reason to stop at 4! I guess it’s my way of finishing out our wonderful day and for her to sleep well.

I have done this every night for as long as I can remember. When she is older I will continue this and I’ll tell her all about why I kiss her 5 times before bed. Since becoming a mom I truly appreciate the little, simple things in everything because it’s all those little things that end up being so big in meaning!


We survived… Time for some Christmas cheer!!!

Wow I feel like I’m just getting settled back home from being away for thanksgiving. I have a feeling I’m going to be saying the same thing about Christmas in no time.

We survived our baby’s first stomach bug. What an exhausting week. It was 6 days of her not feeling well and boy oh boy did I worry constantly about her. She was a trooper. You wouldn’t even know she felt bad until you had to change her diaper. Ugh those diapers…. Nothing prepared me for that! We had to disassemble her car seat at one point and wash everything. Poor girl! Glad she is doing much better!

Christmad time is finally here! I wish it could be more than a month of celebrating! Christmas has also been a time of traditions and memories of my childhood and now that I have my own child I think it may be even more fun! Granted she is just 6 months old and has no clue what is going on I guess these memories are for me. I am however, finding it difficult to let go of some of my old family traditions so that my new little family can create our own. It’s bittersweet. But I am excited to build memories with my husband and daughter. I’m still trying to find out what our ‘thing’ will be.

For the past six years I’ve slowly been trying to convert my husband into a Christmas junkie too. I’m not sure if I am succeeding in this goal or if I’m just driving myself crazy. This year with Carolina he doesn’t seem to be resisting as much, so many she is the answer to getting him to love the holidays. It’s not that he’s the grinch but he just didn’t grow up with family traditions and have those warm memories. He had the most pathetic tree… A Charlie Brown tree he would put in his kitchen table and that would be the extent of his decorating. When I came into the picture I told him it’s a real tree only or this thing wasn’t going to work. 🙂 (ahhhh the smell of pine) needless to say we’ve had a real tree ever since. The deal also included if/when we had kids that we’d have to go to a Christmas tree farm for our tree. I’m sure he will be dressing like Santa clause in no time. Ok, well maybe not that far.

My granny started a collection of nutcrackers in 1992 and I’ve received at least 1 every year since. I think I have over 30. My husband just shakes his head when I bring them out!! I haven’t decided what to start collecting for Carolina! Our house looks like it threw up Christmas decorations. I have multiple kinds of Christmas candles going on daily in a rotation. Even my dogs have Christmas collars!

This Christmas I am looking forward to getting out tree, writing to Santa Claus, sitting in Santa’s lap, baking my annual cookies, sending our Christmas cards (isnt it sad that mailing Christmad cards is like a dying tradition. My family used to decorate the house with the cards we got), I’m sure there is more we will do this season! I hope to capture as much as I can!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with those you love!!!